The Deak Kum Orphanage

In Laos the need for orphanages such as Deak Kum Pa is evident.

The average life expectancy in Laos is only 48 years of age and 33% of the population live below the national poverty line.

Children that are orphaned by only one parent are often given up by the surviving parent (often the mother) as they simply cannot afford to keep all of their children with them.

For these reasons, Deak Kum Pa is now home to 600 children and this number is increasing every year.

The orphanage is also a school and is home to children ranging from 6 – 19 years old. We already have several programs in place but we desperately need funds to cover the medical, dental and hygiene programs and support for the scholarship program which allows for orphanage graduates to attend university.

If you can help with any of these programs, please contact Andrew Brown at

How you can help

If you wish to donate more than $1,000 please email